Extreme Text

Extreme Text 1.2

Spice up your SMS messages


  • Add photo contacts
  • Nice selection of emoticons
  • Add links to messages


  • Not compatible with IM clients


When I first got my mobile phone I really enjoyed being able to send text messages to everyone informing them of what I was doing whether I was at work, on the bus or in the bathroom. Like many things fun soon melted into humdrum, and I grew fed up with the medium.

Since installing Extreme Text my outlook on text messaging has changed considerably. This is an interesting alternative to the SMS manager, offering a series of innovations based largely on IM clients. As with these PC-based messengers, Extreme Text lets you apply photos of your contacts to your SMS messages, apply amusing emoticons, and include clickable web links in your texts.

There are a number of neat productivity enhancements too, including auto-capitalization and the ability to apply user-defined text. Extreme Text also supports color schemes, allowing you to customize the look of your message center to suit your preference.

Extreme Text is very lightweight and doesn't consume many system resources. However, it's a shame it only works with SMS messaging, and that it doesn't include any IM compatibility in itself.

On the surface, stuff like IM-style emoticons and colored themes may seem a little teenage in their appeal, but Extreme Text actually offers a powerful solution for organizing and enriching your SMS messages.

Extreme Text


Extreme Text 1.2

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